Anonymous said: You're so adorable but I bet you get that way too often. I've always wanted to speak to you but get way too nervous with just the thought of messaging you.. -_-

Just message me haha. Nothing to be nervous about.

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Having breakfast with my art pieces lol #artshowtonight #yay #morning

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New pants from @proudanimals I’m in love with them 😍 #supercomfy #queer #perf #sexual

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_MG_2090 on Flickr.

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Scientists have found a portal to a better world

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Francis is another short horror film about a daring 17 year old girl, who finds herself alone in the middle of a lake. Trouble starts to brew. We find ourselves with more questions than answers at the end. (Watch it here) (Masterpost of creepy short films)

As someone who loves horror, animation and games, I would never forgive myself if I didn’t share that great masterpost

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It’s 9:00 and it’s 95 fucking degrees…..guess I’m not sleeping tonight 😩😭 #fuckcali #wintercomenow

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Long Exposure of an Airliner Lifting Off

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