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"Helices are amongst the most common structures in nature and in some cases, such as tethered plant tendrils, a more complex but related shape, the hemihelix forms. In its simplest form it consists of two helices of opposite chirality joined by a perversion." Via.

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From a Full English Breakfast to Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings, London-based art director and model maker Jessica Dance created a series of mouthwatering meals made of knitted lambswool that turn calorie-rich comfort foods into meals that are low in calories and high in coziness. The Comfort Food Series is a collaborative project created with food photographer David Sykes.

Visit Jessica’s website to check out more of her awesomely crafty creations.

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Decided to change up my work uniform and threw a button up underneath #fancy #sortof #derp #lalalalalala

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#tbt to when I was 18 and bought my first Dslr camera! This was my first self portrait with it too ha. #superfit #sexual #rippedjeans

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I got new plugs today #happy #finally

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Cracked Egg by Irving Penn 1958

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Garrault Delord, Design, 1977

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